How it Works

Digitalisation is a social and business phenomenon, which is powered by the many incredible technologies that BCX has at its disposal today. How you adopt and incorporate these technologies is the essence of digitalisation – it enables you to seamlessly weave together processes, systems, customers, partners and employees and become the ultimate connected business

Our Product

  • Enterprise Solutions

    End-to-end Information Technology offerings that supply your business with the latest products, tailored to your unique business needs.

  • Applications Solutions

    As your business grows, we can scale your existing applications, integrate new ones and manage your systems while you focus on development.

  • IT Managed Services

    You have the technology to grow your business, now get the services that manage that growth for you, so you never get distracted.

  • Infrastructure Solutions

    Stability, by its very nature, is about strong foundations. These products build powerful systems on strong bases, ensuring that you stay ahead.

  • Cloud Solutions

    Having your eye on the prize and your head in the Cloud will make business a breeze, with our empowering Cloud Solutions.

  • Unified Communication and Collaboration

    Streamlined business operations are dependant upon clear, open communication across all platforms, which is what UCC will give your business.

  • Global Services

    Our Global Services let you conduct your business across borders with ease and efficiency through smart, connected products.

  • Customer Services

    Technology can transform the way you do business, as long as you have a partner who knows how to make IT hassle free — and that is where we come in.

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